Terms and Conditions entry OriBruni

Terms and Conditions entry Entry is not valid until entry money is received. Fees to be paid latest within 5 days after the deadline in which entry was submitted. If for any reason payment is not made within five days of reference deadline, the entry in not considered valid and will be cancelled. It will not be possible to get a refund of the entry fee. However, if you are not able to attend, you can use your entry for 5 Days of Italy 2023 or change the name (secretary fee 10,00€ for changes). Entries must be paid within 5 days from or they will be automatically removed from the system. Registration fees will not be returned if happen severe weather events (natural disasters, etc.) and / or public order problems. For other terms and conditions see www.5daysitaly.it With the entry you accept for your personal data to be processed and for the use of cookies in order to “5 Days Italy competition event” Link Processing Personal Data (GDPR): Link only in italian Link only in italian